November 7th

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A call for shifters during the period of the run 1st-16th December has already gone out.
We also need shift cover for a number of days during the start up period:
21,22 November and 28,29,30 November. Although there is risk of a shift with little
to do in these periods, it is also the time when a lot can happen and successful
shifts during the startup period are vital if the December run is to be productive.
Please send requests to and check the shift pages for slots which still need to be filled.

MAUS developments

MAUS now has a dedicated IRC room, for communicating with the developers
in real time.
Room: #maus
For more details, follow the "IRC Channel" link from the MAUS wiki at

MICE CM31 (from Alain Blondel)

Collaboration meeting in Mississippi: many thanks to Lucien Cremaldi,
David Sanders and Don Summers for hospitality. Beautiful scenes in
Mississippi including a very local "catfish and chips" collaboration dinner.
Much progress was reported and interesting discussions took place.
Some highlights (see also the presentations!)

-- Schedule was reviewed and usual slide produced.
Step I run will take place 1-16 December 2011. We are looking for a
second MOM to double on Yordan and for shifters. Discussion on physics
aims for this run at the analysis meeting Thursday 10 November 2011,
15:00 GMT/UT.
EMR delivery at RAL is now May 2012 due to improvements in design to
guarantee full efficiency. Possibility of EMR run will depend on
Spectrometer solenoid installation in Hall, which will take priority.
Delivery of Focus Coil at RAL is now end of February
Delivery of first Spectrometer Solenoid at RAL is now June 2012
Limited slip in Step IV start of data taking (now December 2012).,
delivery of
No definite date for step V and VI but many people are working hard to
keep step VI by 2016.
Still no definite plan for Coupling coil construction but lots of
progress: First bobbin was delivered in LBNL end October and large Dewar
for tests has now arrived at Fermilab.

-- small working group under leadership of Mike Courthold (Victoria
Blackmore, Roy Preece, Mike Zisman) will summarize the magnetic
environment studies and produce a concise report exposing the main
results and drawing the practical conclusions in terms of running MICE,
local shielding and operational precautions -- responsibilities if needed.

-- a working group will assemble under Linda Coney and Yordan Karadhzov
to recast the MICE timing and clocks, in order to have a single but
flexible reference for target, DAQ, TOFs, detectors and RF.

The current MICE schedule is at


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Report from the Target Group

During running on Wednesday 13 July, the target in ISIS, which had previously
been operating normally, performed two actuations where it was observed
to hit the lower stop rather than returning to "hold" position. Shortly
afterwards, it overshot the hold position and went too high. This
behaviour has not been observed before, and is thought to be due to a
malfunction of the position-measuring system.

The target frame has now been raised so that the target cannot intercept
the beam. Further investigations are in progress, but it appears likely
that the target has jammed in the upper bearing and cannot be
actuated. If this is the case, the target will be out of action until
it can be replaced in the next ISIS shut-down".

Implications of the target failure: Spokesman

This target has successfully performed 571k pulses and it had been
decided in agreement with ISIS to leave it in the ring until it broke
while better design was being developed. Both of these things have now
happened. We are fortunate enough to have at least one design that works
(and an even better one in preparation).

This means that the summer run had to be canceled, something that caused
disappointment -- we all like to see MICE alive and running!
Nevertheless the EMR test, which was the main aim of the run, could be
sufficiently successful in the few days of running starting 29 June. The
EMR will therefore be sent back to University of Geneva.

The baseline schedule is that we re-install a new target before the
planned running in February-March 2012 (full EMR run). If anyone has a
strongly motivated proposal for data taking before then please let the
MOM and Spokesperson know as soon as possible.

There is no reason to believe that this incident will have an impact on
the schedule that was agreed at the collaboration meeting (EMR run in
February 2012, StepIV run in October 2012 to March 2013).

August Bank Holiday at RAL: Friday 26th – Monday 29th August:

· R22 closes at 4pm on Fri 26th Aug and re-opens at 07:30 on Tuesday 30th August
· R1 Coffee Lounge closes at 4pm on Fri 26th Aug and re-opens at 08:30 on Wednesday 31st August
· Electron cafe closes at 3:30pm on Fri 26th Aug and re-opens at 08:30 on Tuesday 30th August
· Breakfast will be available in Ridgeway House for anyone who is at RAL over the weekend

Reduced service on Tuesday 30 August 2011:
· R22 open for breakfast and lunch only, from 07:30 to 16:00 (there will be no dinner service)
· Electron Cafe open, from 08:30 to 15:30
· R1 Coffee Lounge closed

Both beams are down and any guests in staying in Ridgeway will be advised on alternative venues for dinner.

MICE news 19th June

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MICE News - 19th June 2011

TOF1 has been re-installed at RAL after refurbishing in Milano Bicocca
in the week 13/6-17/6. Unfortunately not all PMTs have been exchanged, as
some to be refurbished are still in Japan at Hamamatsu, due to delays
from the last Tsunami. The EMR support nicely fitted inside the
Rm3 downstream platform. So both TOF2, KL and the first planes of EMR
are in place for the next data taking.

MICE news May 30 2011

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Mice Special news from the Spokesmouse

MICE Schedule Review

As I announced in the MICE video conference, in preparation for the MICE project board of 28 June, we held 23-25 May an internal schedule review of MICE.

The agenda with presentations can be found here Notes and the recommendations by external reviewers will be posted asap.

Please note that this is an internal review and that the information contained in the talks is not "MICE-official"!

The review was very useful, was quite interactive, raised a number of important questions and provided many elements. The information thus gathered will allow to re-baseline the schedule, at least to step IV. Here are some (selected) highlights. <p>

Step I
1. The EMR test run in July is confirmed, it has been proposed to delay the full EMR data
taking to the winter period (February-March 2012)

Step IV
1. There is now a schedule and milestones for the spectrometer solenoids, the manpower has been considerably reinforced, we are only waiting for the final decision on the quench protection system to start the clock ticking.
2. The first AFC magnet has been wound and a schedule exists for commissioning at RAL in the fall of this year (2011).
3. the LH2 absorber number one is on its way to RAL from Japan.
4. the LH2 R&D is progressing well in the MICE hall, next milestone in July 2011 with LHe filling, final results by the end of 2011.
5. the solid absorbers are getting defined and the diffuser is in construction at Oxford.
6. and as can be expected there is some head-scratching to do to dispatch efficiently all
these activities between the MICE hall and the R9 building at RAL.
7. Controls and monitoring are taking shape -- this is becoming a real cornerstone and urgency of the experiment, volunteers are more than welcome to join, please get in touch with Pierrick Hanlet.<br>
8. Software organization is evolving to a more structured and controlled environment --
help from every involved MICE is important.

Taking all into account, this will lead to a new schedule of MICE step IV by mid-june, in time for the MPB on 28 June and final approval by MICE at the next collaboration meeting.

1. The Coupling coils are the next priority of the LBNL group, who are presently actively
searching a large cryostat to test the first, already wound, full size coil.
2. There was considerable progress in the design of the layout of RF power in the hall.
3. We should work hard to be in position to have achieved data taking to demonstrate ionization cooling before the next long ISIS shut down (8 months) starting in August 2014.

Again, many thanks to all contributors, and in particular to Andy Nichols who masterminded the operation.

New MICE online Group Coordinator

Linda Coney as new MICE online group (MOG) coordinator

It is a pleasure to inform you all MICE that Linda has agreed to take
on the co-ordination of the online group in replacement of
Jean-Sebastien who is leaving MICE for another life in July. Let us take
this opportunity to thank "JSG" for having opened the trail and led the
way for the last 3 years, and the online group for ensuring the success
of data taking for step I. The Online group will remain a cornerstone of
MICE activities until the last muon has made it though MICE step VI.

Everyone is enthusiastic about Linda and we are convinced that all will
push in the same direction to help the group achieve its missions!

MICE News. May 22

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The changes in the TOF2-KL trolley have been made as designed
and it's ready for the EMR integration. <br>
TOF2 and KL detectors have been reinstalled along the beam line
and all PMTs checked.

MICE News 15 May

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News from Tesla
The winding of the two coils on the bobbin for the first Absorber and Focus Coil Cryostat has been completed at Tesla Engineering.

D. Sanders and L. Cremaldi will visit RAL in mid-June to work on CKOV detector and interact with the MICE software groups.

Power Status in the MICE Local Control Room
DAQ machines OFF
PPS rack OFF
Target rack OFF
DS rack OFF
Magnet rack OFF
RAID machines OFF

Network switches ON UPS on wall power
IOCPC1 ON wall
ONREC02 ON wall
IOCPC2 ON wall
OPIPC2 ON wall

Checked rack room and all consumer units isolated OFF
Checked all hall racks and all consumer units isolated OFF

MICE News - 13 March 2011

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MICE News - 13 March 2011

Status following Power Supply Problems

The DAQ system has been tested and appears to be fully operational.
All the DAQ pcs behave normally
All VME, NIM and CAMAC crate work normally.
All the VME boards respond normally to the initialization process and
some data has been taken with a pulser trigger.
The logic and distribution of the DAQ Trigger, the DAQ busy, the Start of Spill
and the End of Spill signals appear normal.

That's it for the good news.
Unfortunately, the High Voltage crate supplying the TOFs and KL has been found
seriously damaged and had to be sent back to the manufacturer for repair.
This prevents us for testing the trigger logic system and the amplification/shaping
and discrimination chain for the TOF and KL signals. However, the fact that no
electronics module (VME or NIM) involved in the DAQ system has been damaged is
a strong indication that the probability of finding a damaged module in the
crates is small.
The TOF and KL shapers will be tested manually on Tuesday the 22nd since they
are critical, home made, items.
A test run is scheduled on Wednesday the 23rd with only GVA1, the CKOV and
the PBM detectors read out.


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