DOE Reviews

DOE review of MAP and MICE, Brookhaven National Laboratory, 12th to 14th August 2014


  1. K. Long: MICE and its global context; 01-2014-08-12-LONG.pptx
  2. R. Preece: MICE-UK plan; 02-MICE-UK_Plan_120814.ppt
  3. A. Bross: MICe-US construction effort; 03-DOE_Review_MICE_construction_v11.pptx
  4. P. Garbincius: MICE-US resource-loaded schedule and budget profile; 04-PHG_MICE.pptx
  5. D. Kaplan: MICE-US experimental contributions; 05-Kaplan-MICE_MAP-DOE-Review-Aug2014-R11.pptx


  1. Delivering the MICE project; options for success
  2. Response to feedback from the RLSR panel and MPB
  3. MICE Project Assumptions Document
  4. Planning the MICE Step IV Data Campaign
  5. Magnet and Beam Commissioning at Step IV