Phone Meeting

Thursday 24th April at 15:00 BST.

Dial-in information is available here where some numbers are:

Country Number
Switzerland 0800705351
UK 08004960576
USA 1-866-740-1260

After connecting, type in the MICO access code (ie. 5673390) then hit #.

Highlighted Agenda

  • Step I Wrapup
    • Pion contamination in Step I (Orestano)
    • EMR Analysis (Asfandiyarov/Drielsma)
  • Step IV.0 Preparation
    • Tracker alignment analysis (Uchida)
    • Tracker reconstruction (Dobbs)
  • Step IV Preparation
    • Focus Coil field mapping plan (Blondel)
    • Reduced focus coil current study (Lagrange/Pasternak)
    • Field mapping: SS power supply stability (Leonova)
  • Step V vs Step VI
    • Progress towards simulation of Step V and VI (Speirs)
  • Polarisation in MICE (Middleton)

Rolling Agenda

  • Step IV.0 Preparation
    • Step IV.0 beam optimisation (Leonova/Pasternak)
    • Step IV.0 beam-->MAUS (Nugent)
  • Step IV Preparation
    • Magnetic measurements (Blackmore/Leonova)
  • TOF rate analysis (Rajaram)
  • Multiple scattering & energy loss models (Middleton)
  • Quadrupole/TOF alignment study (Overton)
  • MC and Recon batch status - (batch production Czar/Rogers)
  • AOB
  • Date of next meeting: May 8th

Uploading presentations

Instructions on how to upload a talk if you're a presenter.

  1. Click on "edit" (and concentrate!)
  2. Click on the open box below "files"
  3. Browse and enter your file name (e.g. mytalk.pdf )
  4. Enter the following line in the agenda box below your name (without the 'pre' tags)
  5. (e.g. attachment:mytalk.pdf )
  6. and save

step4_reducedCurrent.pdf - attachment:step4_reducedCurrent.pdf (188 KB) Hunt, Christopher, 24 April 2014 14:57

Simulations__MAUS_.pdf (243 KB) Speirs, David, 24 April 2014 15:12

magnetic-measurements-sequences-April2014.pptx - magnetic measurements AFC (337 KB) Blondel, Alain, 24 April 2014 15:18