Paul Kyberd
Chris Rogers
Celeste Pidcott
John Nugent
Rhys Gardener

  • Spent most of this week digging through millipede
  • Looking at extracting information from MAUS data structure and feeding it into the millipede software
    • Trying to get straight tracks from the trackers
    • Rogers mentions air between the trackers; and potentially anomalous scattering results of 50 mrad RMS from Chris Hunt analysis
  • Interface to millipede is flat ROOT tree; space point where the track starts and gradient
    • Fodder is angle and a position at the TRP
    • Millipede has internal clustering and patt rec algorithm which is incorrect
    • Not sure if millipede allows material between tracks/planes
  • Remnant fields; simulation run but not analysed
  • No update, moving house
  • Residuals plot
    • pt residuals look like they should do
    • pz offset was incorrect reconstruction by tracker
  • Looked at pt correlation with pz; no real help