MICE news May 30 2011

MICE News Special from the Spokesmouse
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Mice Special news from the Spokesmouse

MICE Schedule Review

As I announced in the MICE video conference, in preparation for the MICE project board of 28 June, we held 23-25 May an internal schedule review of MICE.

The agenda with presentations can be found here Notes and the recommendations by external reviewers will be posted asap.

Please note that this is an internal review and that the information contained in the talks is not "MICE-official"!

The review was very useful, was quite interactive, raised a number of important questions and provided many elements. The information thus gathered will allow to re-baseline the schedule, at least to step IV. Here are some (selected) highlights. <p>

Step I
1. The EMR test run in July is confirmed, it has been proposed to delay the full EMR data
taking to the winter period (February-March 2012)

Step IV
1. There is now a schedule and milestones for the spectrometer solenoids, the manpower has been considerably reinforced, we are only waiting for the final decision on the quench protection system to start the clock ticking.
2. The first AFC magnet has been wound and a schedule exists for commissioning at RAL in the fall of this year (2011).
3. the LH2 absorber number one is on its way to RAL from Japan.
4. the LH2 R&D is progressing well in the MICE hall, next milestone in July 2011 with LHe filling, final results by the end of 2011.
5. the solid absorbers are getting defined and the diffuser is in construction at Oxford.
6. and as can be expected there is some head-scratching to do to dispatch efficiently all
these activities between the MICE hall and the R9 building at RAL.
7. Controls and monitoring are taking shape -- this is becoming a real cornerstone and urgency of the experiment, volunteers are more than welcome to join, please get in touch with Pierrick Hanlet.<br>
8. Software organization is evolving to a more structured and controlled environment --
help from every involved MICE is important.

Taking all into account, this will lead to a new schedule of MICE step IV by mid-june, in time for the MPB on 28 June and final approval by MICE at the next collaboration meeting.

1. The Coupling coils are the next priority of the LBNL group, who are presently actively
searching a large cryostat to test the first, already wound, full size coil.
2. There was considerable progress in the design of the layout of RF power in the hall.
3. We should work hard to be in position to have achieved data taking to demonstrate ionization cooling before the next long ISIS shut down (8 months) starting in August 2014.

Again, many thanks to all contributors, and in particular to Andy Nichols who masterminded the operation.

New MICE online Group Coordinator

Linda Coney as new MICE online group (MOG) coordinator

It is a pleasure to inform you all MICE that Linda has agreed to take
on the co-ordination of the online group in replacement of
Jean-Sebastien who is leaving MICE for another life in July. Let us take
this opportunity to thank "JSG" for having opened the trail and led the
way for the last 3 years, and the online group for ensuring the success
of data taking for step I. The Online group will remain a cornerstone of
MICE activities until the last muon has made it though MICE step VI.

Everyone is enthusiastic about Linda and we are convinced that all will
push in the same direction to help the group achieve its missions!