MICE News - 13 February 2011

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MICE News - 13 February 2011

RAL plan to take CASTOR down next Tuesday for upgrades to the disk
This will change the way CASTOR handles checksumming, so with a bit of
luck it should then become possible to further streamline the data

Printing in R76
Instructions from Kevin Dunford on printing with the OKI printer in R76
on to three printers in PPD can be found at

Wireless networks at RAL
Some useful information on the wireless at RAL thanks to Dave Sankey.

You all know and love our ticketing system for WiFi at RAL.
Since before it was even introduced we have been pushing for a system
better suited to long term visitors and over the past few months
there has finally been some useful progress.

In particular, if you are a regular visitor to RAL you can now have a
permanent account.

Thus today, if you look on the RAL wireless network you see three
different SSIDs:
i) STFC-Guest
ii) STFC-Facilities-Users
iii) STFC-Staff

The first of these, STFC-Guest, is the SSID you use if you are an
infrequent visitor to RAL (someone who has not been registered in our
Accommodation system CDR).

The second of these, STFC-Facilities-Users, is the SSID you use if
you are a frequent visitor to RAL who has been registered in CDR and
who has a site access card - the new mechanism.

(The third, STFC-Staff, is intended for members of STFC, where
instead of having to authenticate you are on a captive network from
where you need to VPN into the RAL internal network using your STFC

Now for the details...
STFC-Guest needs little further comment. Each time you come you need
to request a ticket through your nominal RAL supervisor (generally
Rose Hayes) and you use the ticket details to authenticate and gain
access to our visitors network. You can request a ticket for a
suitable period (for example a one month ticket) and you can request
that your ticket details be emailed to you prior to your arrival, so
that you can have access as soon as you arrive.

The STFC-Facilities-Users SSID on the other hand doesn't use tickets.
Instead you have a 'permanent' account, tied to your registration in
CDR, and you use these credentials to authenticate and gain access to
the same visitors network as for STFC-Guest. The advantage of course
is that once set up your credentials remain valid for the duration of
your registration in our system.

The procedure for enabling this is that first you need to have your
status changed from Visitor to Facility User and be assigned a
Federal ID. You then need to have the account enabled and you need
to set a password.

We have now completed the first of these sets of steps for those of
you who are registered in CDR. The last step involves you passing by
our Computing Group to set a password that meets our requirements and
to sign that you accept our Acceptable Use Policy.

You should have thought of a suitable password and read this Policy
before you come. The file
<> gives
advice on what is allowed for federal passwords and our Acceptable
Use Policy is available at <;.

We also have two web sites accessible from outside which allow you to
manage your password (details in the stfc_password.pdf above which
was originally aimed at STFC staff, so the advice to contact your
local IT Service Desk team does not apply).
The first, <;testpassword,
allows you to compose and test your password and the second, a QUEST server at>, allows you, once your account has been
enabled, to change your password (this latter may complain about what
browser you use, but seems fine if you click the Ignore button).
We strongly recommend that you test your password on the testpassword
site where the reasons for failing a password are given, prior to
coming to set your password and accept our AUP. However there are
dictionary tests that this site does not perform so it is just
possible that a password acceptable on testpassword may subsequently
be rejected.

Thanks to Dave for this complete description.