Update 01 July 2016

Step IV update
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Dear All,

This is just a brief status update now that ISIS Cycle 2016/02 is under way and magnet commissioning is in full swing.

Please do try and make it to the “special VC”, today at 15:30, at which Durga and Steve Boyd will rehearse their talks for Neutrino 2016.

With best wishes …


Status update:

Physics and analysis:
• The next of our regular video conferences will be on Thursday 14Jul16.  The meeting will be devoted to presentations from the authors of the three papers that are presently in preparation.  In each case, the results that the authors seek to make public, i.e. the results that they request be given “Preliminary” status will be presented.  These result will then be presented at ICHEP and at the summer conferences that follow.
Step IV:
• Focus-coil module:
◦ Over the past week or so, the focus coil has been brought into operation.  The magnet was operated successfully in solenoid mode and ran to 90A without quenching.  Last night a 12-hour soak test at 90A was successfully performed, completing the standalone commissioning of the module.
• Spectrometer solenoids:
◦ The check-out of the upgraded quench-detection and quench-protection systems has been completed successfully.  Current has been run in both spectrometers.  The final steps in the standalone commissioning are now being carried out.  It is anticipated that the standalone commissioning will be completed by Sunday 03Jul16.  The next step will be to run both SSU and SSD at the same time.  If all goes well, combined operation of SSU and SSD is scheduled for Sunday 03Jul16.
• Commissioning and operation for data taking: 
◦ Once combined operation of SSU and SSD has been established, commissioning of the MICE superconducting-magnet channel will begin.  This will start on Monday 04Jul16.  A general scheme for this activity has been agreed.  The details of the programme will be discussed this afternoon (Friday 01Jul16).  Steve Boyd will disseminate the operations plans once they have been finalised.