News July 1st

Step IV report
Added by Kyberd, Paul almost 3 years ago

Preparation of Step IV operations:

The cool-downs of the spectrometer solenoids and the focus-coil module are now well underway. Our goal is to initiate the training of the spectrometer solenoids on Friday 03Jul15; this week! To do this we require safety-sign off from ISIS to obtain permission to operate. To obtain the necessary safety approval our documentation will be reviewed on Thursday (02Jul15) morning. This meeting will be followed by a safety tour of the MICE Hall on Thursday afternoon.

As part of our preparations for the safety tour we are making a “deep clean” of the MICE Hall during which the various pieces of material and equipment that are presently stored in the MICE Hall will be moved into storage elsewhere on site. John Govans and Craig Macwaters are masterminding this clear-up.

Given the timetable, the clear-up needs to move forward right away. Please help John, Craig and the team in the Hall by communicating any special requirements that you may have to John or Craig as soon as possible.

First processing of Step IV data to date:

We’ve taken quite a lot of data during the ISIS Cycles 2014/03 and 2015/01a. It is important that we analyse efficiently the data that has been taken to extract important messages for the coming runs. Therefore, our software and computing team are preparing a first processing of the data using an appropriate and consistent set of calibration and geometry constants. We plan to carry out this first processing before the start of ISIS Cycle 01b.

The schedule that the s/w&c team seek to hold is:

• 06Jul15:

o List of runs to be processes prepared by the MOM (Ryan Bayes);
o List of updates to the ConfigDB (geometry and calibration) prepared by the MOM;

• 08Jul15:

o Updated ConfigDB released for checking by system experts;
o Start of “test processing” of a subset of the data;

• 10Jul15:

o Results of test processing released to system experts for checking;

• 11/12Jul15:

o Start of processing of Step IV data to date.

Please give Ryan and the s/w&c team your full support when they ask for checks etc. Its important to the experiment to get this data pushed through to the analysers.