MICE Update 22 March

MICE status report.Ken Long
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Progress update:

Step IV:

The plates that will form the south side of the PRY have been collected by the shipping agent from Keller in New York. The present expectation is that the plates will arrive in the UK next Tuesday and, if all goes well, be received at RAL on Wednesday.

The long-day working in the Hall has been successful and has cleared a number of jobs. Work in the Hall has been organised so as to allow the PRY plates to be delivered directly to the MICE Hall.


Weekend running in the present ISIS User Run [2014(03)] is now underway. The goals set for running this weekend (21/22 March 2015) were to establish smooth operation from target to TOF1, carry out an initial calibration of TOF0 and TOF1, take data to allow a first test of the reconstruction algorithms required for MICE Muon Beam commissioning and the completion of BLOC training using beam on target. It is to the great credit of all those involved in the preparation of our online, computing, data-handling and operations activities that all these goals have all been achieved.

Work continues to resolve the noise and related issues in the tracker readout. The installation of the experimental ground in the MICE Hall has also progressed. The work on establishing the smooth operation of the tracker readout remains a high priority.

The pattern of weekly Operations meetings (in person 11:00 Friday’s and in-person/teleconference 15:00 Monday’s) is now established. A full debrief on the weekends running will take place at the Operations meeting on Monday 23Mar15.

The near future:

MICE Hall:

Installation of the PRY plates to the south side will start on Monday 30Mar15.

Work on the cabling, compressor-hose support structures and other infrastructure will continue in parallel.

Weekend operations:

The goals presently set for operations in the present ISIS User Run are:
  • 28/29Mar15:
    ◦ Perform calibration of TOF0 and TOF1;
    ◦ Take data to allow a comparison of the performance of the old and new trigger systems;
    ◦ Take pion-beam data to allow the reconstruction algorithms required for MICE Muon Beam commissioning to be developed.
  • 11/12Apr15, 18/19Apr15 and 25/26Apr15:
    ◦ Check the TOF calibration. It will be important to take some data to be sure that the calibration is stable;
    ◦ First pass of MICE Muon Beam (MMB) commissioning:
    ▪ Start with the currents used in Step I to check the degree of reproducibility of particle rates;
    ▪ Based on the revised simulation of the beam line (Jaroslaw Pasternak), start the search for the optimum magnet settings;
    ◦ Commissioning and calibration of TOF2, KL and EMR will begin as soon as the south-side PRY is complete and the magnets and downstream detectors are in their final Step IV positions.


The MICE WWW pages continue to be improved and, of course, Durga Rajaram is always ready to receive comments and suggestions for improvements.

One important update, for those giving talks or preparing documents, is that the “public information” page has been updated and now includes not only published figures and tables but also the sketches and plots for the cooling demonstration that we agreed to make public at the recent CM. Please use these figures.

To get to the information, go to the MICE www site ( take the drop-down menu “Documents” and select “Publications”. You can also get there by taking the drop-down menu “Resources” and selecting “Drawings and Images” and then following the link to publications and figur