MICE Update 16 March

MICE status report.Ken Long
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Progress update:

Step IV:

The south-side PRY support legs are now in place and have been surveyed. The shims have been measured and machined and will be installed this week. The Hall is therefore essentially ready for the installation of the south-side PRY plates. In New York, the south-side plates are being made ready for shipment. The teams on both sides of the water are working to ensure that shipping delays are reduced to a minimum. Work at Keller continues to complete the north-side plates. So far, the critical work to install the PRY remains on track.

The “two-shift”, or perhaps more accurately the long-day working, in the Hall has started as planned today (Monday 16Mar15). Work has now started on the prioritised list of jobs. To help make sure all are aware of what is going on, the list of jobs to be carried out over the next two weeks is posted on the screen located next to the personnel door to the MICE Hall.

Software and computing:

Durga Rajaram and the online, controls and offline software teams are pressing forward to make sure all is in place for Step IV. Automatic batch processing has been established and will be put to the test in the upcoming weekend operations.

Issues to do with the event-processing time are being addressed. Changes in the raw-data format made necessary by upgrades to the online system require that the unpacking routines be updated. The necessary upgrades are being implemented.

Work continues on the reconstruction algorithms. The detailed work necessary to ensure that the Kalman track fit in the tracker is statistically correct is making steady progress (Chris Hunt). Getting this right is, of course, central to delivering the Step IV programme.


Shift sign-up for the weekend running in ISIS User Run 2014(03) (i.e. now to end April) is pretty much complete. Sign-up for the running from June (ISIS User Run 2015(01)) is now live. After a brief flurry of activity, the sign-up for shifts in June and beyond has slowed down; please do sign-up for your shifts as soon as you are able.

The near future:

MICE Hall:

While the PRY plates are in transit, work to advance the cabling, compressor-hose support structures and other infrastructure will continue.

Weekend operations from 21Mar15:

  • The service of the Linde refrigerator serving the decay solenoid starts today. The decay solenoid will not be available until after Easter. While the plan for operations is likely to have to respond to pressures from the construction and commissioning activities, the goals presently set for operations in the present ISIS User Run are:
  • 21/22Mar15, 28/29Mar15:
    ⁃ Establish smooth operation from target to TOF1;
    ⁃ Carry out an initial calibration of TOF0 and TOF1;
    ⁃ Take data to allow a comparison of the performance of the old and new trigger systems;
    ⁃ Take pion-beam data to allow a first test of the reconstruction algorithms required for MICE Muon Beam commissioning;
    ⁃ Complete BLOC training on target tuning.
  • 11/12Apr15, 18/19Apr15 and 25/26Apr15:
    ⁃ Check the TOF calibration. It will be important to take some data to be sure that the calibration is stable;
    ⁃ First pass of MICE Muon Beam (MMB) commissioning:
    ⁃ Start with the currents used in Step I to check the degree of reproducibility of particle rates;
    ⁃ Based on the revised simulation of the beam line (Jaroslaw Pasternak), start the search for the optimum magnet settings;
    ⁃ Commissioning and calibration of TOF2, KL and EMR will begin as soon as the south-side PRY is complete and the magnets and downstream detectors are in their final Step IV positions.

Once the south-side PRY is installed and the magnets are positioned on the beam line (present milestone date 14Apr15), the tracker waveguides can be installed to the south-side VLPC cryostats. The tracker team is discussing how best to make use of the time from around the 14Apr15 to advance the tracker commissioning and to profit from the weekend running.

Operations meetings:

The second MICE/ISIS Operations Meeting will take place at 15:00 today (16Mar15). The first of the regular weekly MICE Operations meetings will take place (exceptionally!) tomorrow (17Mar15) starting at 14:00. After that the pattern of operations meetings will be as we agreed:

• Friday’s 11:00: In person Operations meeting;
• Monday’s 15:00: A meeting to debrief on the weekend’s operation and to plan the coming week.