MICE Update 9 March: Part 2

MICE status report. Ken Long
Added by Kyberd, Paul almost 4 years ago

Preparations for the April 2015 international review of the project (RLSR/MPB/FAC): 

The MICE Project Board will meet on the 16th and 17th of April 2015.  The MPB meeting will be preceded by the Resource Loaded Schedule Review of the project on the morning of the 16Apr15 and the project will be required to report to the international Funding Agency Committee on the afternoon of the 17Apr15.
The last reviews in November were important for us; they went well and the project was re-baselined.  The reviews in April will give us the chance to demonstrate our command of the Step IV construction project, to show that we’re on top of our preparations for Step IV operations and physics analysis and to present the excellent progress that has been made in defining the cooling demonstration configuration and the necessary engineering details.
To achieve all of this we’ll have to deliver the necessary paperwork and prepare an excellent set of talks.  Work on the preparation for the April review of the project will start next week.  Success in April will be based on the hard work of all; please respond in line with the necessary deadlines if you receive a request for to contribute to the preparations!