MICE Update 9 March: Part 1

MICE status update. Ken Long
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Progress update:

Step IV:

The first set PRY legs have made their progress around the Hall.  The shims were installed under the legs on the North Side and the survey was repeated.  When all were satisfied, the legs were removed and the spectrometer solenoids and the focus-coil module were moved into the “park” position.  At the end of the week, the downstream set of legs had been installed on the South Side.  Final positioning and alignment will take place early next week.  After this, the process will be repeated on the u/s set of legs.  We’ll then be ready for the PRY plates.
The designers, Steve Plate and Jason Tarrant, have been in the Hall discussing, supervising and fine-tuning the plans for the installation of the plates.  
At Keller, in New York, the plates for the south side have been completed.  The fit check has been “signed-off OK”.  Preparations are being made to air-ship the first set of plates.  The teams in the US and at Keller, as well as the local MICE and RAL logistics teams, are all primed to bring the plates into the UK and to the lab asap.  Unfortunately, as soon as the shipper picks up the plates to take them to the airport, we loose a degree of control.  Roy, Andy and Alan (Bross) will be watching closely to minimise any potential for delay that may arise from border-agency or customs bureaucracy.
Steady progress in Rack Room 2 is bringing the internal wiring towards completion.  So, up to the end of last week, the construction project remains on track.

Cooling demonstration:

In parallel to the construction work, the MIPO is focused on defining the interfaces and envelopes for the cooling-demonstration configuration.  It is important that we use all available engineering effort effectively.  The interfaces and envelope specifications must be completed to allow the design, fabrication and assembly work to continue in parallel to the completion of Step IV.


The run-up of ISIS has not gone quite according to plan.  The machine was not ready for MICE to take beam today (08Mar15).  Reluctantly, on Friday 06Mar15, Steve Boyd was forced to cancel the running planned for 08Mar15.  
However, in preparation for the 08Mar15 run, a second mock-data run was carried out on the 05Mar15.  This was a success; all systems required for running on 08Mar15 were commissioned.  While disappointing, the preparations will put us in a good position to begin operations on the weekend of 21Mar15.

The near future:

MICE Hall:  

The installation of the components of the PRY remains the priority for work in the Hall.  The Hall team is now laying plans to ensure the best use of the additional effort brought in to allow two-shift construction from 16Mar15.  This effort will be turned onto the installation of the south PRY plates as soon as they arrive on site.

Weekend operations from 21Mar15: 

The cancellation of the 08Mar15 run means that the final commissioning with beam of the equipment required to take data for TOF calibration will need to take place on the 21Mar15.  In the coming week the Operations team will block-out the activities that will take place during the present ISIS User Run (2014(03)).  
Shift sign-up for the weekend running is good, but not yet complete: please volunteer!  Shift-training will be organised on Fridays in advance of the weekend running.  
Looking ahead; we are planning to move towards full time running from June 2015 (ISIS User Run 2015(01).  It has been decided that operations pause for a scheduled maintenance day each Wednesday.  During this period, Wednesdays will also be exploited for training.
Operations meetings:
The second MICE/ISIS Operations Meeting will take place at 14:00 in the 16Mar15.  Steve Boyd will be in touch shortly about the essential preparations for this meeting and the agenda.  After this meeting, the regular weekly pattern of MICE Operations meetings will begin.  As you know, the pattern we have agreed, at least for User Run 2014(03), is:
  • Friday’s 11:00: In person Operations Meeting (modelled on the current Hall meeting).  All those involved in the weekend’s running are required to attend in person.  There will be no phone connection;
  • Monday’s 15:00: A meeting to debrief on the weekend’s operation and to plan the coming week.  Those involved in the preceding weekend’s run are expected to attend in person.  Others with responsibility for equipment, operations or involved in running the following weekend are expected to attend.  A phone connection will be provided for remote participation.