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# Project Subject Assignee Updated Category
1919MAUSUpgrade to ROOT6Dobbs, Adam29 March 2017 16:32Third party libraries
1914MAUSTesting failing when trying to access preprod cdbRajaram, Durga01 March 2017 14:25Build System
1882MAUSMultiple primary tracks per eventDobbs, Adam31 October 2016 18:18Simulation
1868MAUSCpp Reducers do not work with OutputCppRootDobbs, Adam30 May 2017 12:13Code Infrastructure
1866MAUSTracker Reconstruction charge assignment errorKyberd, Paul21 March 2017 17:24Tracker
1858MAUSInputCppRootData use can lead to an error from TRefArray about the process IDDobbs, Adam23 August 2016 14:56Code Infrastructure
1856MAUSInputCppRootData overflows the ref counterRogers, Chris30 June 2016 17:53Code Infrastructure
1828OperationsOnMon crashingGardener, Rhys13 March 2016 16:34Control Room
1805MAUSInputCppRoot still performs a JSON conversionRajaram, Durga13 June 2016 18:02Code Infrastructure
1801MAUSAllow selection of recon events for inclusion in maus_output file, based on user defined criteriaFedorov, Misha11 October 2017 19:15Code Infrastructure
1799MAUSEvent Viewer DevelopmentSavic, Mihailo27 February 2019 11:34Event Viewer
1794MAUSSciFi Pattern RecognitionDobbs, Adam21 March 2017 17:32Tracker
1782MAUSTracker kalman fit pz reconstruction brokenHunt, Christopher18 December 2015 15:18Tracker
1766MAUSVerifying the scifi CDB geometryKyberd, Paul08 October 2015 16:51Geometry
1748MAUSbin/ not working in merge branchDobbs, Adam17 September 2015 16:11Simulation
1706MAUSMemory leaks preventing GRID runningDobbs, Adam26 October 2016 17:17Code Management
1701MAUSTracker mapping seems not to be complete?Heidt, Christopher07 September 2015 11:59Tracker
1692MAUSTracker Reconstruction not proceeding beyond Digits for real dataDobbs, Adam30 June 2015 14:58Tracker
1641MAUSMAUS 0.7.3 on onrec03 failing to buildDobbs, Adam30 June 2015 15:01Online reconstruction
1511MAUSSciFi data processing verbosity in new APIRogers, Chris01 July 2014 13:54Tracker
1496MAUSDownloading Geometry from CDB errorBayes, Ryan24 June 2014 17:56Geometry
1492MAUSCpp unit test failure in trunkRajaram, Durga08 August 2014 16:51Testing
1485MAUSLast SciFi cross link in the new APIDobbs, Adam19 June 2014 17:55Tracker
1467MAUSTracker cosmic data brokenDobbs, Adam28 May 2015 15:21Tracker
1462MAUSCannot build merge branchRogers, Chris22 May 2014 02:28Build System
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