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# Project Subject Assignee Updated Category
1985AnalysisMC Analysis to support MAUS paperRogers, Chris20 March 2019 17:26
1982MAUSFailed to build on RHEL7 Scarf clusterRogers, Chris31 October 2018 10:04Build System
1980MAUSMAUS-v3.2.0 fails in G4BeamlineFranchini, Paolo31 August 2018 15:08Simulation
1972AnalysisDelta TOF01 Mystery18 May 2018 14:49
1970MAUSUser Limits not propagated when using gdmlRogers, Chris10 May 2018 16:11Simulation
1967Analysisdiffuser geometryRogers, Chris30 August 2018 09:28
1963AnalysisTracker geometry issueRogers, Chris30 August 2018 10:23
1962MAUSNo delta electrons when using gdmlRogers, Chris10 May 2018 16:11Simulation
1952MAUSMemory leak and bug in Global Track MatchingRogers, Chris26 April 2018 16:41Global Reconstruction
1951MAUSLiH Geometry BugRajaram, Durga30 January 2018 11:26Geometry
1948MAUSMapCppCuts UpgradeKurup, Ajit18 April 2018 11:37Detector Integration
1946MAUSTrack matching with diffuserRogers, Chris10 May 2018 16:08Global Reconstruction
1939MAUSBroken Bounding box in 3D field mapRogers, Chris25 August 2017 08:06Fields
1921MAUSCuts in MAUS ProcessingKurup, Ajit18 April 2018 11:25
1915MAUSStill inf/nan tracks in tracker reconHunt, Christopher30 May 2017 12:14Tracker
1912MAUSTOF inefficiencyWilbur, Scott29 November 2017 16:17TOF
1911MAUSPions not making a TOF space point in MCWilbur, Scott01 March 2017 14:10TOF
1909MAUSMemory leak in PyGlobalErrorTrackingRogers, Chris13 February 2017 13:31Python API
1904AnalysisExample coil geometryRogers, Chris10 January 2017 18:01
1902Analysis2016/05 Run Settings23 May 2017 10:32
1898AnalysisMerge files script Greis, Jan06 December 2016 16:37
1897AnalysisSuspect poor tracker efficiency07 December 2016 16:29 fails in MAUS trunk Bayes, Ryan11 November 2016 11:28Geometry
1887Analysis2016/04 Run Settings19 December 2016 18:16
1872MAUSG4BL Monte Carlo has no time structureDrielsma, François16 September 2016 12:16Simulation
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