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# Project Subject Assignee Updated Category
1960AnalysisDataKyberd, Paul08 May 2018 11:59
1953MAUSFailure to compile maus.3.0.1Franchini, Paolo05 March 2018 17:39Build System
1937MAUSinstall of MAUS 2.9.1 under virtual boxDobbs, Adam11 October 2017 19:13Build System
1932MAUSfailure of installation of maus2.9 under ubuntuDobbs, Adam30 May 2017 12:07Build System
1925MAUSinstallation of merge branchDobbs, Adam30 May 2017 12:08Build System
1923MAUSfailure during oxygen installationDobbs, Adam30 May 2017 12:11Build System
1920MAUSinstallation of MAUS 2.8.3Dobbs, Adam30 May 2017 12:12Build System
1826OperationsTarget data in the CDB26 February 2016 11:54
1742MAUSmaus wikiDobbs, Adam07 September 2015 11:45Documentation
1727MAUSMAUS documentation28 September 2015 18:12
1681MAUSmaus095 using switch_unpackerKaradzhov, Yordan30 June 2015 15:06Build System
1671MAUSDocumentation07 September 2015 12:01
1665MAUSMAUS preinstallationDobbs, Adam30 June 2015 14:59Build System
1659MAUSMAUS output30 June 2015 15:00
1653MAUSRunning maus0.9.4 on single station test data22 March 2015 10:31
1630MAUSmausv0.9.3 - running mice_simulate and mice_analyze_data_offline crashes27 February 2015 14:45
1291MAUSrunning maus on fedora18Taylor, Ian10 July 2013 04:46Build System
1249MAUSbuilding MAUS-v0.5.0 - fails to find jsoncppRogers, Chris10 July 2013 04:44Build System
1234MAUSRunning latest maus with the EMRAsfandiyarov, Ruslan21 March 2017 17:42EMR
1230MAUSexample programme fails to run in new release when not connected to the networkRogers, Chris18 March 2013 11:12bin(aries)
1222MAUSfailure to build 0.4.2Rogers, Chris12 February 2013 10:43
1219MAUSFailure to build maus 0.4.2Rogers, Chris22 February 2013 16:28Build System
1148MAUSMAUS installation documentation04 October 2012 09:26
928MAUSvirtual_hits not outputRogers, Chris13 March 2012 10:37Simulation
914MAUSError in random numberRogers, Chris22 February 2012 06:32Simulation
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