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# Project Subject Assignee Updated Category
1327MAUSOnline reconstruction plots need some meta dataRogers, Chris02 August 2013 14:30Online reconstruction
1985AnalysisMC Analysis to support MAUS paperRogers, Chris20 March 2019 17:26
1967Analysisdiffuser geometryRogers, Chris30 August 2018 09:28
1833AnalysisRun 7469 extracted data fileRogers, Chris02 May 2017 10:22
1917MAUSLarge discrepancy between triggers (as per CDB) and spacepointsRogers, Chris06 March 2017 18:45
1839Analysis4D KDE area calculationRogers, Chris08 September 2016 21:40
1784AnalysisTransfer matrix calculationRogers, Chris04 March 2016 17:39
1787MAUSOnline recon versionRogers, Chris28 October 2015 09:46Online reconstruction
1781MAUSlegacy Step4 geometry is broken or breaks MCRogers, Chris27 October 2015 17:46Simulation
1724AnalysisTracker to solenoid alignmentRogers, Chris23 September 2015 12:14
1755MAUSanalyze_data_online does not write end of run histogramsRogers, Chris22 September 2015 19:53Online reconstruction
1754MAUSOnline recon restarts run after a DAQ errorRogers, Chris21 September 2015 20:43Online reconstruction
1753MAUSDumb but fast beta integratorRogers, Chris21 September 2015 19:47Optics
1745MAUSMemory clean up in MCRogers, Chris04 September 2015 12:49Simulation
1312MAUSOnline reconstruction requires new APIRogers, Chris24 July 2015 10:02Online reconstruction
1719MAUSOnline recon documentation says "Monitoring"Rogers, Chris23 July 2015 07:11Online reconstruction
1715MAUSbin/examples/ returns empty histograms in 0.9.7 as compared to 0.9.2Rogers, Chris16 July 2015 14:26Simulation
1711MAUSPull onrec development branch to the trunkRogers, Chris14 July 2015 16:20Online reconstruction
1652x-boaI/O format to support global weightsRogers, Chris21 March 2015 04:41
1635MAUSEnvelope tool test is failingRogers, Chris07 March 2015 06:23bin(aries)
1625MAUSSegmentation Fault with different Recon and Simulation geometriesRogers, Chris12 February 2015 17:45Simulation
249MAUSMaterials Test/DocumentationRogers, Chris17 September 2014 16:25Simulation
1490MAUSSimulation happily runs when Geant4 is not readyRogers, Chris20 June 2014 17:05Simulation
1183MAUSSegmentation violation, when input is JSON with JobHeader or RunHeader, and output is ROOT formatRogers, Chris19 June 2014 14:18common_cpp
1427Configuration DatabaseSet cooling channel tag from csv fileRogers, Chris06 March 2014 16:02Python API
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