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1933MAUSBuild issue with MAUS v2.9.0Dobbs, Adam18 May 2017 17:44Build System
1932MAUSfailure of installation of maus2.9 under ubuntuDobbs, Adam18 May 2017 13:39Build System
1931OperationsMuon Beamline to-do listNebrensky, Henry10 May 2017 23:17Beam Line
1929MAUSinf Tracker Trackpoint valuesHunt, Christopher21 April 2017 16:49Tracker
1928MAUSSciFiTrack::pr_track_pointer() returns NULLHunt, Christopher21 April 2017 15:52Tracker
1927MAUSUnable to install MAUS 2.8.3 on Ubuntu 16.0404 April 2017 16:24Installations
1926MAUSTracker z position offset in current reconRajaram, Durga29 March 2017 15:50Tracker
1925MAUSinstallation of merge branchDobbs, Adam24 March 2017 06:54Build System
1924MAUSFails to build stillDobbs, Adam24 March 2017 11:54Installations
1923MAUSfailure during oxygen installationDobbs, Adam23 March 2017 12:25Build System
1921MAUSCuts in MAUS ProcessingFedorov, Misha21 March 2017 17:59
1920MAUSinstallation of MAUS 2.8.3Dobbs, Adam21 March 2017 14:09Build System
1919MAUSUpgrade to ROOT6Dobbs, Adam29 March 2017 16:32Third party libraries
1917MAUSLarge discrepancy between triggers (as per CDB) and spacepointsRogers, Chris06 March 2017 18:45
1915MAUSStill inf/nan tracks in tracker reconHunt, Christopher23 February 2017 13:31Tracker
1912MAUSTOF inefficiencyWilbur, Scott11 April 2017 16:12TOF
1900MAUSRequest for a new feature - add cooling channel tag in cooling channel information dict06 December 2016 20:04
1897AnalysisSuspect poor tracker efficiency07 December 2016 16:29
1886MAUSWant event and spill number in detector structuresDobbs, Adam02 November 2016 11:37Data Structure
1884Analysis240 MeV/c beams - lobe structure in X-Y distribution02 November 2016 16:53
1882MAUSMultiple primary tracks per eventDobbs, Adam31 October 2016 18:18Simulation
1879MAUSTrack point magnetic field informationDobbs, Adam30 September 2016 12:00
1872MAUSG4BL Monte Carlo has no time structureDrielsma, François16 September 2016 12:16Simulation
1868MAUSCpp Reducers do not work with OutputCppRootDobbs, Adam06 September 2016 18:22Code Infrastructure
1862MAUSNaN in tracker recoKyberd, Paul06 December 2016 22:42Tracker
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